Cocoa Bindings (again?)

Ok I have been going through the cocoa bindings and can’t seem to get it to work. This could be that I don’t understand how this is supposed to work.

I have a property “defaultFilePath” that gotten to save and recall into the preferences. This value can be set be the user via an open panel. The panel returns a value and updates the property. The part I have been unable to get working is changing the displayed value in a text field

I have gone into the bindings for the test field in IB and under value have set the model key path to the property. The bind checkbox is checked and i have set the value transformer to ‘NSUnarchiveFromData’ but the value is not in the text field either before or after it has been changed by the closed panel handler.

Any ideas??

So this must be a tough one! I would have expected a reply by now


Well, here’s a puzzle. The bindings are working in some instances, All of the checkboxes in my preference panel are loading correctly without my having to set them, the text fields are not. The other oddity is that if I change one of the text fields the default value is changed. They just aren’t loading from the initial value of the property.