Code Signing and Script Bundles

Are these two Save As options mutually exclusive? I can’t see how I’d use both effectively. Say I save a script as a script bundle and sign it; if I add resources to the bundle, doesn’t that break the signature? If I save it again once the resources are added, I just overwrite the previous bundle and lose my resources.

You can code-sign bundles – that’s what applications are. You just can’t modify them after they have been signed.

Sure, you can sign the bundle–but what’s the point of the bundle if you can’t add resources to it without invalidating the signature? I’m missing something here. What’s the process for creating a signed script bundle with, say, a bundled scripting addition and a handful of other resources?

You add the resources first, using the Bundle Contents drawer if you’re using AppleScript editor, and then sign it.

Ah! I didn’t realize you could drag things into that drawer. It all makes sense now.

What are the advantages of code signing a script bundle? I get that a signed application (applet) passes Gatekeeper; are script bundles treated similarly? I’m using a script bundle because applets aren’t usable in the Application Scripts folder. (Or would signing the applet change that restriction?)

The main thing is that users can trust it.

I’m not sure – I’ve never tried it.