Color well won't respond to mouse up


Another color well problem, my existing color well in a new app won’t respond to a mouse up or mouse down, only a click or mouse enter.

I’ve read where the mouse commands sometimes get ‘intercepted’ and not passed on, but how do I fix it? Do I have to make the color window the first responder, and if so , how please?



on mouse up theObject event theEvent
	if name of theObject = "ColorWell" then  
		say 7
		set LayerReDraw to true
		set ColorStoreTemp to color of color panel
		set item 1 of ColorStore to ((item 1 of ColorStoreTemp) / 65535) * 255
		set item 2 of ColorStore to ((item 2 of ColorStoreTemp) / 65535) * 255
		set item 3 of ColorStore to ((item 3 of ColorStoreTemp) / 65535) * 255
		my SetLayerColor()
		my SetPreferences()
		--close color panel
		set LayerReDraw to false
	end if
end mouse up