access groups?

Hi everyone Ive been looking into getting my apps into the Mac app store. I currently sell them outside the app store but would like to move over to the app strore, if only so I can strip out all the registration and auto update code!

I was wondering how you find out what the sandboxing access groups are? Here’s an entitlements exampe from the most simple app.

In this one i want the app to tell the finder to create a user defined aount of folders.

Ive looked in the scripting definition files in applescript editor and opened them up using the sdef command in the terminal. I dont see any mention of access groups.

Am I going mad?


Well I can definitely tell you that they are not going to allow your app because you are asking to control another app. Thing is, creating folders can be done via file manager’s methods so in this case I don’t think they would allow an exception.

You should rely on the OS’s methods before you need applescript to accomplish what you need your app to do. Mac App Store is another pain in the ass itself as I have myself some apps there. First one was in applescriptobjc but since then I have rewritten it all in cocoa, forcing me to get rid of AppleScript commands in the same process.

If you need pointers on how to get rid of those AppleScript commands let me know. :slight_smile:


Browser: Safari 9537.53
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

Apple have said Access groups are the future. While I agree with that using them gives more granulated control over what an app can control and what it cannot rather than a blanket control I also find it annoying that in their wisdom they themselves has only placed a few access groups in

Now what the above may mean ( the way I read it) is if you use the Temporary Exception Entitlements you app may still get bounce from the app Store if you do not have a good enough justification to use it…

You should also look at the below for how to give and keep access to directories outside your app container

These quotes are taken from

leonsimard Thats good to know that I can achieve that using objective C. Im slowly but surely learning that at the moment. So may do a complete re-write of that particular app once Im confident enough with it, will give you a shout :).

My other app, sends save commands to logic pro…it needs entitlements for logic pro and system events.

Now, its designed for the older version of Logic Pro (as opposed to X) so i doubt that will ever get access groups. I wonder if System Events has any yet though? Quite an important app in terms of scripting you would think. Perhaps a combo of the temporary entitlement for logic and the new one for system events could get in? Not getting my hopes up but may give it a shot out of interest.

Mark there is a good video session in the WWDC 2012 videos about the new entitlements with Sal Soghoian. I does sound like it could work well in time at least. Good to hear they are looking for us to send in requests too.

I don’t want to sound negative, but that alone might cause you grief. They’re not big on anything not current.

Yeah i think its pretty unlikely that one will ever be in the app store. Shame as its a very nice system.