Combine multiple Quark document into one quark document.

My team makes on average 40 quark pages a day and they save them each to their own seperate documents, thus 40 docuemnts. At the end of every evening they have to PS all these pages seperatly and then get Acrobat to add all the pages and push it out in one master PDF doc. I’d like to be able to automate this and since Quark has the most automation built into it. I think it would be best to write an AS that would loop through Q6.5 files dropped onto it and add each file as page to a master quark doc. We already have an AS to push whatever the current quark doc is to PS in a watched folder so this would just be an addition to our current scripted setup.

Now you may ask what’s so hard about opening the files within acrobat and then pushing them out to a pdf? Well when we highlight the 40 files and add them, Acrobat doesn’t put them in numerical order and thus it takes forever to organize them.

Is there a way within AS to add preexisting quark6.5 docs to a different quark6.5 doc?

Otisthegbs. For your single PDF use your Quark AS to output the PS files to a single “unwatched” folder the files should be in numerical or alphabetacal order with .ps extension. Save the below file as text file changing the path to your folder path, then distill this text file. Result 1 PDF with only 1 font subset page order as your ordering.

/PathName (Marks-G5:Users:marklarsen:Desktop:PostscriptFiles:*.ps) def
/RunDir {                       % Uses PathName variable on the operand stack
	{ /mysave save def      % Performs a save before running the PS file
          dup = flush           % Shows name of PS file being run
          RunFile               % Calls built in Distiller procedure
          clear cleardictstack  % Cleans up after PS file
          mysave restore        % Restores save level
	255 string
} def
PathName RunDir

The above is NOT applescript so just C&P into text edit and save as YourPDFname.txt to name the PDF.

that is such a neat trick

can I ask what scripting langauge that is?

It’s not my doing it has come with Acrobat Distiller for a while now. It was for back in the days when adding pages was less reliable due to font subset embedding issues. If you search for the original “RunDirEx.txt” should be some where in your Acrobat stuff. Not 100% but the use of % to hold notes etc leads me to think it plain old postscript itself. Still the safest way of doing this with PDF.