Combo Box (numberOfItemsInComboBox & objectValueForItemAtIndex)

I’m trying to use a combo box in my ASS application. I want the combo box to populate from my data source, but when I run the app I get this error message…

I’m not sure how I go about implementing the numberOfItemsInComboBox. When I did a search on the apple site the only examples I could find were with Objective-C, which I don’t know.

Thanks in advance,

Had the same problem, because I was trying to implement a datasource for a combo box. But finally I learned that when they say that the data source property is not supported in Applescript 1.4 ( they really mean that it is not supported.
So, just do it the stupid way, and it works fine:

set myList to {"a","b","c"}
delete every combo box item of combo box "combo" of window  "main"
repeat with myItem in myList
make new combo box item at end of combo box items of combo box "combo"  of
    window "main" with data myItem
end repeat