Combo Box On Selection Changed event

I have a combo box where I want the user selection to cause another field to become enabled or disabled.

I added an “On Selection Changed” event to the combo box. In handling that event, I want to check the text of the item chosen. The problem is, when I use the code I usually use - "string value of combo box ‘whatever’ - that pulls the text from the text field, not the dropdown. Basically it looks like the series of events is:

-User changes the selected item in the combo box’s dropdown list
-The on selection changed event fires where I get the string value of the combo box, giving me the old value not what the user just selected.
-The combo box finishes the event off by putting the chosen item into the text field.

So… How would I either get a reference to the text (string) value of the chosen item in the dropdown list, OR get a different event to check the combo box after it has completely updated??

Model: iMacintel
AppleScript: xCode 3.0
Browser: Safari 525.20.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Ah ha!

I got it working. Needed two steps:

current item of combo box “whatever”
combo box item [number I just got] of combo box ‘whatever’"