Combo Boxes & iCal

Hey Guys,

I searched the forum, google, and a bunch of other places including the iCal dictionary (which doesn’t make sense to me) and all I am trying to do is generate a list of Calendar’s in the user’s iCal and display them in a combo box / drop down list.

I’m stuck. I would post some code if I had any. I really apreciate your help!

Model: MacBook Pro 2.16 120gb hard drive
Browser: Safari 416.13
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

This works for me:

	tell application "iCal" to set CalNames to name of every calendar
	tell window "Main" to tell combo box "combo"
		delete every combo box item
		repeat with ThisName in CalNames
			make new combo box item at end of combo box items with data ThisName
		end repeat
	end tell