Command from Nib 1 to Nib 2

It’s a stupid question - :oops: - but:

How do I tell a window of Nib Document.nib to do (eg: tell window x to show) if an object (eg: Menu Item) of another Nib file (MainMenu.nib) is clicked?

Thx Vince

Ok, you gotta load the document nib into your script first. Then you can do anything you like to the objects in your document. They sort of become part of the pool, with only one extra line of code.

To load another nib in your app:

load nib "Document"

Note: you don’t have to put the .nib after the name of the nib you want to load

To show the window in the other nib, is the same as any other window:

set the visible of window "theWindow" to true

Fairly simple, good luck!


I’ll try it very soon!