Communicate over a network

I have been searching for an answer for this for a while and haven’t found anything.

What i want is to have the same application running on 2 computers that are networked. I have the internal IP address of each machine. When the user on one computer pushes a button, then some data is sent over the network and add to a table view. The ideal situation would be to call an applescript handler on the remote application to add the data to the table. Preferably i would like to use remote apple events, and not ssh.

Thanks for any help.


I guess it could be possible with Apple Remote Events.
Every AppleScript Studio application is scriptable, so you can access all the UI elements also remotely.

Search the board for eppc, there are several examples for Apple Remote Events

Yeah, i’m aware of Apple Remote Events, i actually use it in the program. So, would it be practical to have the remote program enter a value into a hidden text field and click a hidden button on the local app?

If you can’t access the table view directly, I think so

PS: as far as I know you can also script handlers remotely

I think that this would require that each of the communicating apps were themselves both scriptable. You can’t make an AppleScript Studio app scriptable with just AppleScripting.

Do you think you could writie up a quick example of how i would call a remote handler in the app’s script? Thanks.