Compaility of compiled scripts between High Sierra and Mojave?

In the past I have usually stored my scripts as “.scpt” files. But now I have tried to open/run such a file which I have developed on my High Sierra Macbook on my Mojave iMac - and nothing happen. I couldn’t even open it in Script Editor (to complicate things I have to say I have developed the script in Script Debugger but that should not matter I think).

So then I changed the script on the MacBook to a text file (“*.applescript”) and I had troubles here as well to open the file on the iMac directly in Script Editor. Only opening it with a Text editor and pasting it into Script editor worked.

Any idea what’s going on? Are compiled scripts between High Sierra and Mojave not compatible?

Could you possibly have saved the script from Script Debugger with debugging turned on? Try opening it in Script Debugger and saving it with debugging turned off. Nothing has changed in the way scripts are compiled.

Yep, that’s it. I debugged heavily. - So scripts are saved differently whether debugging is on or off???

Yes. Because appleScript doesn’t support debugging, it requires compiling against a different component. You will see that the script’s icon differs, too.

Thanks Shane. Good to know.