Compare two images in Photos

It’s a pain without good old software not working anymore on newer versions of Mac Os
Photos isn’t bad but has not that much tools and is never ever a replacement for Aperture, which could work perfectly on modern Macs. Seems Adobe made a deal with Apple. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to compare two photos side by side inside Photos, having both images displayed in the same time on-screen. Currently my script loads both files but displays just the first image. I’ve to drag-enlarge the quick look window and then push the overview-button :frowning: :frowning:
This is no workflow at all.
I played around with qlmanage but… There’s not much to configure. Some alternatives? (Don’t tell me to buy something from adobe :smiley: )

on run
	set pctPt to (path to pictures folder as text) & "Photos:"
do shell script "mkdir -p '"& Posix path of pctPt & "'"
	tell application "Photos"
		set these_items to the selection
		set GetPt to ""
		repeat with a in these_items
			set getNm to filename of a
			set findFile to paragraph 1 of (do shell script "mdfind -onlyin '" & POSIX path of pctPt & "' '(kMDItemFSName = \"" & getNm & "\"c)'")
			set GetPt to GetPt & "'" & findFile & "' "
		end repeat
	end tell
	my Ql(GetPt)
end run
on Ql(a)
	do shell script "qlmanage -p " & a
	--set factor to 100
end Ql

I forgot to add:
my pictures are in an open folder structure, I don’t like the monolithic db from Photos. The images therefore, are linked rather than copied inside Photo’s db. My script searches for images in my custom path specified at the top of my script above.

So have you tried Photoshop? :smiley: :smiley: :D.

… jk.

How about Pixelmator, or Pixelmator Pro?

ooops - just noticed that Pixelmator has no dictionary… I don’t have Pixelmator Pro; not sure about it’s scriptability.

Oh well… another totally useless post by me. Go figure. :rolleyes:

Don’t worry. Important it has to do with applescript

thanks but i was looking for a digital asset management Software like Aperture , no image editor with applescript support - of course. I found open source but… They lack always in applescript dictionaries.

I haven’t found a way to enlarge a quicklook window when using qlmanage to bring up a spotlight view, but I can make it display the images side-by side with UI scripting:

set file1 to "[POSIX file path as text here]"
set file2 to "[POSIX file path as text here]"
set filelist to {file1, file2}

on quicklook(filelist)
	set shellFileString to ""
	repeat with aFile in filelist
		set shellFileString to shellFileString & "'" & aFile & "' "
	end repeat
	do shell script "qlmanage -p " & shellFileString & " > /dev/null 2>&1 &"
	set isFrontmost to false
	repeat until isFrontmost is true
		delay 0.1
		tell application "System Events"
			tell process "qlmanage"
				set frontmost to true
				set isFrontmost to frontmost
			end tell
		end tell
	end repeat
	tell application "System Events" to keystroke return using command down
end quicklook

The “full screen” button seems to be disabled. You could do this with full screen using entirely UI scripting instead of qlmanage - bring the Finder window to the front, select the files you want, hit space, hit command+option+y, hit command+return.

I too was on iPhoto, then Aperature, now Photos. I’ve tried Lightroom, AfterShot Pro, ACDSee, and some others I’m forgetting now. I don’t really want many advanced features, I do all my diting in Photoshop., but everything had some horrible, unworkable drawback.

There are some new ones I should probably take a look at - Picktorial, Lyn, Unbound, Emulsion.

Thanks for the input, to be honest I’m no fan of UI scripting just sometimes the effect is surprising and effective.

Would be amazing to add applescript dictionaries to applications using other frameworks, but that is out of this world as Linux isn’t Mac, even when both share unix. have you seen Digikam or Darktable? All without applescript support, of course.