Comparing list of files on FTP site to list on Mac

I am new to AppleScript and have read a couple books on it. However I’m having a bear of a time getting it to do something that really (IMO) ought to be pretty simple.

I want to retrieve a list of remote log files from my FTP site and compare it to a lost of files that are already have on my Mac. My ultimate goal is to compare the lists and then invoke FTP or CURL to download only new or modified files. So far my script can invoke the terminal and CURL to retrieve a list of remote log files and generate a text file containing a list of my local files. RemoteLogFiles.txt.
It’s contents are simply

The script also can populate a list variable with names of log files stored on my Mac as shown below.

set WebLogDirMac to “my:path”
set LocalLogFileList to list folder WebLogDirMac without invisibles

Both these actions appear to be working fine.

I’m having a problem (which is probably very simple for veterans) in reading the contents of my RemoteLogFiles.txt file into a list variable.
maybe something similar to:

set WebLogDirMac to “my:path”
set RemoteLogFileList to list [contents of] RemoteLogFiles.txt
But I’m stumped on the approach to take
I thought I might have to launch TextEdit and command it to copy all it’s contents to list somehow, but so far I’ve not come up with any answers.
So that’s my missing piece right now.

After I get the two lists, I think I ought to be able to invoke FTP via shell or terminal and use it’s NEWER filename filename command.

Help and ideas greatly appreciated

This might be what you’re after.

set RemoteLogFileList to read file "path:to:RemoteLogFiles.txt"

Or, if you want each line stored individually in a list:

set RemoteLogFileList to paragraphs of (read file "path:to:RemoteLogFiles.txt")

– Rob

Thanks for your quick response. This got me over that particular hurdle quite nicely.
you guys are great!