Complete newbie confusion - could anybody help..?

Hi all,
New here… Hope youre all well…

I’m just getting into applescript studio, and downloaded the following:
Xcode_CD.dmg, XcodeTools1.5__CD.dmg

I have Xcode 1.5, Interface Builder 2.4.2, and OS X 10.3.8 on my little powerbook.

Ive got a pdf here that Im trying to work through - StudioBuildingApps.pdf (Building Aplications With AppleScript Studio), but cant get to first base. (Its a very simple “Hello World” button tutorial I’m stuck with) When I hit the build and go button in Xcode I get Build failed (1 error) and nothing happens - I am wondering if I am missing anything in terms of software that I dont know about?

Thanks in advance for helping me out…

I sometimes have a problem that makes NO sense what-so-ever, the code looks like it should work (and might have acually worked earlier), but for some reason fails as you have described. To fix it I use the “Clean All” feature under the “Build” button (the hammer on the left). It wont fix a bug in the code, but it does fix any corruption in the project that might have eeked in over time.


Thanks -
I’ll try that…