complete rookie with probablya dumb question

Hey everyone.
I’m hoping someone can help me. The company I work for is developing an apple version of our agent, and wants me to come up with a few ways to auto install it.

I’m wondering if there is any way, using apple script, you can enter the authentication password that comes up, then do all the clicking and drive selection that follows.

there is no information that needs top be put into our instal, it’s all OS X stuff.

is this possible or am I completely on the wrong track?

any replies are appreciated.



I’m a little confused… you want the script to enter the admin password? how can the script know in advance?

In general, it’s typical to let the user input the password at the appropriate point.

While it is possible, using the latest System Events suite, to have AppleScript emulate keypresses and mouse clicks, you cannot assume that the user has this version installed on their machine.

Alternatively, have you considered some of the commercial Installer programs out there? They include sophisticated routines for installing software with relevant password/authentication systems. MindVision ( ) make FileStorm and Installer VISE, both competent products.

thanks for the suggestion of the install utilities.

maybe I should explain:
the software i want to install is a security program which would be placed on target machines by the network adminisrator. ideally, i want to come up with a script that would execute on the next stratup of the machine and run the installer. the admin password would be known, because the net admin would be the one setting this all up.

sound doable with a script, or am I just over complicating things?