completely unsure as to why this isn't working

I have a checkbox whose referencing outlet is tied to an IBOutlet called missingValue and whose sent action outlet is tied to a function called enabledReadOnly. The function code is below:

on enabledReadOnly:sender --this action is only bound to the read only button
          set readOnlyToggle to sender's integerValue
          if sender's integerValue = 1 then --if we set it to read only, we clear all the other buttons and disable them
               --again, this is how nagios does it in the web UI, so we shall here
               log "enabled"
               my canSeeAllObjects's setEnabled:false
               my canSeeAllObjects's setState:0
               my canReconfigureAllObjects's setEnabled:false
               my canReconfigureAllObjects's setState:0
               my canControlAllObjects's setEnabled:false
               my canControlAllObjects's setState:0
               my canSeeOrConfigureMonitoringEngine's setEnabled:false
               my canSeeOrConfigureMonitoringEngine's setState:0
               my canAccessAdvancedFeatures's setEnabled:false
               my canAccessAdvancedFeatures's setState:0
          else if sender's integerValue = 0 then --don't try to reset the state, just re-enable the other checkbox buttons
               log "disabled"
          end if
          current application's NSLog("read only's integer value: %@", readOnlyToggle) --log the error message
     end enabledReadOnly:

when i click the radio button from on to on off, i see a 1 or a zero in the log as appropriate, but it never hits either part of the if statement. I’ve also tried it with intValue and even “my readOnly’s intValue”, and nothing changes.

I’ve no idea what I’m missing here.

The likely cause is using integerValue instead of integerValue(). That results in an NSNumber being returned, rather than an integer.

Always include the parentheses for properties, unless you are sure of the distinction.

sigh. Just when I think I’m possibly not an idiot…yep, adding () did the trick. Thanks again man.