Complex Print Job Can this be Scripted

I will preface this by saying I have never used Applescript. While I have been around macs for about 10 years, I recently bought my first Macbook pro an I’m hoping Applescript and or Automater can help me with a job.

I have 4 documents all pdfs. The files each contain student orientation schedules. Each schedule is personalized in file 1 they the schedule is 5 pages per student. In the others I’m not sure I only know it will be constant. the total # of pages for doc 1 is 700.

So I need to print pages 1-5 to my printer Double Sided with a staple. And then repeat that action for pages 6-10,-11-15, etc…

FYI The customer would like these by 4pm EST.

Is this doable without hitting print 140 times and changing the page numbers?

I already set up a drive that bypasses the print Queue so I don’t care if the has to send a bunch of times as long as I don’t have to send it manually.

Thank to everyone in advance I feel pretty guilty that my first post is a call to help like this.


Hi rcrev,

I guess you already hit print 140 times by now, but in order to save you from such drudgery in the future, I recommend to take a look at the «lp» command, which allows to directly print PDF files from the Terminal/Shell.

As you can see from Apple’s website, the lp command also features many print options and it can easily be used within AppleScript. Just imagine an AppleScript droplet, that prints out dropped PDF files with certain print options.