Composing two images up on an 11x17


I haven’t had a chance to delve into imaginePhoto at all as of yet. All of my image processing has been handled via Photoshop or ImageEvents, thus far.

However, I would like a script that takes images from a folder, scales them to 8.5x11 and then places them two up on an 11x17 sheet, and then saves out the 11x17. I don’t want to use Photoshop for this process, otherwise my script would be done by now. :wink:

Anyone have any recommendations for how to achieve this?

Seriously? No one has done this outside of PS?

Any reason not to use InDesign? It makes more sense to me to do the layout in a layout program.

I agree with Jerome


So do I.

However, I’d like to set up a hotfolder on a stripped down box that can just handle this procedure without costing me an Adobe license.

I think the bigger issue here is that most people prolly don’t have the software you wish to use installed… heck I had never even heard of it before this thread.

Well, what software do you have and what is the intended output? InDesign or Quark would be the logical choices for this, but then I am a designer and this is the trade software. You could do it with Illustrator or PhotoShop as well, but it might not be as straight foreword. Do you need two up of the same image? You might be able to accomplish that with the printer settings of the application you are printing from rather than building it into the document, which would make for a smaller file size. Depending on the program you might even be able to output a PDF through the print command and have a PDF with the 2 up. A lot of this depends on the software that you have available to you.

imaginePhoto is an osax, James.

Jerome, I am definately attempting to put one unique image next to another unique image.

Again, I am trying to do this on the cheap and I could use InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, etc., but those licenses aren’t cheap. And, funny, but I am a stickler for that kind of thing.

So, I was looking to utilize imageEvents or an OSAX that might accomplish the same for me. imaginePhoto was being pimped pretty hard around here a while ago, not sure what it’s current status is.

Another thought that I had, was to somehow scale each image to fit to an 8.5x11 and print a multiple page pdf that contains a page for each image. Then my printer can handle the impositioning of the images.

Hmm, so it is… I did a google search thought it was a program =)

If I get a chance tomorrow I will download it and take a look.


I can’t fault you for not wanting to buy an expensive program, and there is probably another way to get what you want done without it. You mention that you are having them printed at a printer who has imposition software, the logical thing from a designers standpoint would be to provide them PDF’s off the single images and have them set them up, it might cost a bit more, but overall less than the cost of a PhotoShop license. If you have another software program that you might be able to get similar results by setting the images up as you need them and printing to a PDF to supply to your printer. If this is something that you will be doing a lot of you might want to look into some other solutions like Create from Stone Design ( which is a lot less than InDesign, or PhotoShop Elements. Looking at the website for iMagine Photo you might be able to do what you want to with it by setting up a document to the 11 x 17 size and then importing the files you want into it, but looking at the documentation I don’t see anything that would let you position the imported object or a reference to layering. You also might want to look at iPhoto which may have everything you need build in or available by scripting.


It would be fairly easy to get iMagine Photo to create a new image at the correct size, and place the images appropriately but it can only do this in the RGB colorspace when you probably want a print colorspace.

The biggest problem though is that I stopped development of iMagine Photo a year ago, the last update was purely to create an Intel version. I believe that Leopard will break it and I would not recommend using iMagine Photo for any new projects.


Thanks for chiming in, Kevin.

Actually, I do want to work within the RGB colorspace. That is fine for me and my printer.

If you have ceased development of imaginePhoto, you may want to consider changing your signature. :wink: