Compress a list of files into a zipped folder and save it to the Mac ?

Hi there,

I’m posting this here because I THINK it’s a job for Applescript but I’m not sure…

I have a small list of file references that live on a network volume. Could someone help me to create an AppleScript that will take the list of files and compress them into a folder and save them somewhere, like to the OS X downloads folder ?

Any ideas about how I could pull this off would be very much appreciated.

many thanks in advance!


It’s trivial to do, but needs more info to be practical.

For example, is the list of files just a list of file names and the script is supposed to know where to find these files?
or are the list elements full paths to the files in question?

Secondly you ask for the script to ‘…compress them into a folder’. Do you mean copy the files into a folder, then compress the entire folder? or do you mean take each file and individually compress them, putting the compressed file in a specific folder?
The former ends up with one file containing many compressed components, the latter ends up with multiple files, one per input element. Big difference.