Compressor 3


I am almost there with my workflow. I know Compressor 3 allows you to attach a script once the file is done. However, there appears to be no samples in the manual. What the heck?! Any one have any examples that shows whats defined and how to implement it? Thanks.

I’m currently revamping some scripting that I had done a while back to automate compressor 2 and this is an applescript that I used back then to move the completed files to another location. The revamping that I’m doing currently is to turn this process into a set of perl scripts to automate the process using the commandline, with mysql on the backend to obtain stats, email users of completion,… I’m interested to see if anyone can recommend a way to pass the “thefiles” handle to perl, but thought the following script would be appreciated…

on open (thefiles)
	set finished to ":Users:ftp:crlt:Finished" as alias
	--There should only be one file, but just in case send it through a loop
	repeat with thefile in thefiles
		tell application "Finder"
			move thefile to finished
		end tell
	end repeat
end open