Computer bombs when loading the Script Editor

For the past week or so my computer bombs every time I try to open the script editor. I deleted the Folder “Applescript” from Apple Extras and replaced it with the same folder from another computer with a working copy of the Script Editor. As well, I copied the system extension “Applescript” into my extensions folder. What was weird is that the extension “Applescript” wasn’t even in my extensions folder (even the disabled folder). What was in my extensions folder was “AppleScriptLib”. I don’t even know what that is, so i disabled it, restarted my computer, and “Applescript” didn’t become an extension under the extension manager.

I recently installed Extensis Suitcase 8. Would that have caused any problems? I’m running Mac OS 9.2.2

Thanks a lot!

I’m baffled :?

You may try re-installing the newest version for OS 9. You can pick it here:

works…thanks a lot! :smiley: