Configuring Netscape MIME with AppleScript

Hi, folks.
I need to make a simple applescript for a new MIME type to be added into Communicator.
The “register viewer -” won’t result its desired action in a simple script.
what am I suppored to do?
Pleas help!

I suppose there are different ways of handling Applescript, but here is what I have so far. I would be very very interested in how things go for you, as I have been wanting to do the same thing, ok?
In your application preferences in Netscape, type in Applescript/osa under the description, applescript/osa under mime type, and have it use .osa for the extension.
Your script will have to understand these calls. I got this from a script at late Night Software that is suppose to launch applescripts however was unable to get it to work properly. Let me know how things turn out for you! I would be very interested.
Hope this helps