connect server

I am passing through a very common issue and this may be very easy for you guys
this works well for me

mount volume "smb://"

but this doesn’t

mount volume "smb:// Server"

i think the space in “File Server” is creating problem
what you guys think?
if you have any solution please let me know.

First guess - spaces are never permitted in URLs.

Try encoding the space using the normal URL-encoding, %20

thanks camelot
i did not get it
please expain it in detail
and i am trying to connect the server and not URL.

As per Camelot’s suggestion…

mount volume "smb://"

Or you could use the “quoted form”

[This script was automatically tagged for color coded syntax by Script to Markup Code]

why not use: “File Name” like the terminal? This should be a standard somewhere.

thanks guys
I like the way greg send me the script - just click the link to open the script in script editor.
But its giving me error.
“some object are not found”
I did not understand what tingam suggested.