Connect to a remote volume via TCP/IP ??

I try to connect to a PC remote volume with all this codes:
1- mount volume “afp://IPnumber/VolumeName” as user name “username” with password “password”
2- mount volume “afp://username:password@IPnumber/VolumeName”
3- mount volume “VolumeName” on server “ServerName” in AppleTalk zone “zoneName” as user name “username” with password “password”

return = error -1070 :x
Note: I’m abel to mount the volume manuely with the chooser.

After that I take a look to the “Get info” windows of the volume that I want to mount and I see: Where : VolumeName, Servername(IPadresse) via TCP/IP
??? via TCP/IP until via Appletalk.

Does anybody knew how to mount a volume via TCP/IP

Sorry for the english car en fait, je parle francais!

I was under the impression that the “mount volume” code was for OS X, not OS 9…

I could be wrong though (and probably am)


All three of those methods work for me - I am running OS 9.2.1 - Applescript v1.6

1)What OS are you currently running?
2)What kind of volume are you trying to mount?: (remote mac, W2K, NT, etc…)

I know I have problems mounting an NT server via Applescript.
In fact, I just checked and I get error “-1070” when trying to mount an NT server
using a script.

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