Connect to Firewire Drive before another Computer!

I’m posting this here as I seam to think applescript is the answer to everything! Its a great tool.

Here is my dilema,

ComputerA--------------------->>>>FIREWIRE800 DRIVE--------------------ComputerB
| |
| |
Ethenet Ethernet
| |
| |

This is how I have my setup. Now the reason I want to set it up like this is so that files can be exchanged quickly between us rather than going to the main server (10/100mbps) However depending who switches on first is then whoever gets the drive first.

Does anyone know a script to maybe set up ComputerB To disconnect.And ComputerA to reconnect.

I do have them on a schedule to boot out of sync of each other to avoid this but it only takes a reboot of ComputerB to steal the drive etc.



I hope you’re not going to connect one FireWire drive to two computers at the same time.
The two connectors of the FW drive are supposed to chain up multiple drives at ONE computer

To emphasize Stefan’s point: the plan you’re outlining may well be fatal to the drive’s data if you succeed!

I’ve had it plugged it before and no problems just the case of who gets to have the drive access first. otherwise its fine. And you can then use the FW800 to use as an alternative to the Ethernet.

Nonetheless I can’t risk any damage to the data so point taken!