Connection to a Server in Snak

Hello, I would like to write a script that would connect to a server and join a channel in Snak.

I can do this if the connection already exists in the Profile List:

tell application "Snak"
	connect connection "YML"
	type "/join #yourmaclife" in connection "YML"
end tell

But the problem is if the connection doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter to me if I have to create the connection first or if I can just connect to the server. But I can’t do either. I would think it would be possible to create a new connection, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

tell application "Snak"
	make new connection with properties {servername:"", nickname:"Stephen"}
end tell

It doesn’t return an error. It just doesn’t do anything.

I would like to avoid GUI Scripting if at all possible. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s the dictionary for class connection:

Class connection: connection object
Plural form:
	contact by numeric index, by name
	console prop
	query by name
	ignoreitem by name, by numeric index
	filter by name
	channellistitem by name, by numeric index
	notifyitem by name, by numeric index
	channel as a range of elements, satisfying a test, by name, by numeric index
	channelliststatus  channellistempty/channellistinprogress/channellistready  [r/o]  -- the status of the channel list tells if it is still being built, is empty or if it is ready for use
	connectiontype  'CTYP'  [r/o]
	servername  string  [r/o]  -- Server name
	nickname  string  [r/o]  -- Nick
	status  offline/namelookup/opening/connected/online/disconnecting/DCCWaiting/DCCConnecting/DCCDisconnecting/DCCFinished/DCCFailed/DCCActive/DCCWaitingForResume  [r/o]  -- Connection Status
	ircop  boolean  [r/o]  -- true is user is an ircop
	away  boolean  -- true if user is marked away
	awaymessage  string  -- A copy of the last away message, but can also be set specifically. This message will be sent if you set the away of the connection to true. If the away message has been set to empty, ?Away..? will be used.
	idletime  integer  [r/o]  -- idle time of this connection (in seconds)
	starttime  date  [r/o]  -- the time this connection was opened