Continuing after ignored dialog box

Hey everybody.
Does anyone know how to make applescript go on to a new tell if there is no response to a display dialogue box after a certain amount of time?

i.e. I want an alarm to go off if there is no response to the dialogue box after 10 seconds.

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean this?

display dialog "blah" giving up after 10

Hi all :slight_smile:

Yes “jj”, I also think like you… then here one very simple syntaxe:

display dialog "blah" giving up after 10
if gave up of result is true then
	--do something
	--do something other
end if



set dialogReply to (display dialog "Please acknowledge this dialog within 10 seconds." buttons ¬
  {"Bill", "Fred", "Aardvark"} with icon note giving up after 10)

if dialogReply's gave up then
  -- Adjust the ratio of beeps and repeats on your own machine, if necessary
  beep 41
  repeat 5 times
    display dialog "OH NO! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!" buttons ¬
      {"AAARRGHH!!"} default button 1 with icon caution ¬
      giving up after 1
    delay 1
  end repeat
end if

Unfortunately, the effect isn’t so good in OS X. :frowning:

Wow. Thanks for the quick replies! Awesome.