Continuously ping university server


Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve been searching for the last 3 hours on how to write a simple Applescript to ping my universities VPN server. For some reason, in 10.5.6 the VPN connection drops every 1-3 minutes and it’s starting to become a real pain to have to continually click disconnect/reconnect on the VPN icon in my title bar at the top. I have absolutely no applescript experience or knowledge. Again, I’ve been searching the web for over 3 hours today and have picked up a few little things, but would still like some guidance or just the script itself so I can actually use my Macbook Pro at school. Thank you for your time


If i understood you correctly:
In Finder, click “Go” menu, click “Utilities”. Click “Network Utility”. Click ping and then enter the address and then check “Send an unlimited number of pings”.