Control an application's GUI?

I have a problem with a certain ‘activity’ on my mac which I think can be solved using a
script, but I can’t seem to get it done. I’m not very familiar with scripts.
This is my problem:
If I want to go on the net, I have to go online first. I us an ADSL-connection and in order to establish it I have to use the little program called pptp-gui. I have this program in my startup items but whenever I start up the Mac (new start up or after wake up from sleep), Identity control pops up and my password is requested. It doesn’t matter wether I have a password or not. If I don’t, this dialog box still pops up and I have to click on the ‘ok-button’. In this way, I can never get the machine to go online without my help. I always have to click on ok before it goes. This is pretty annoying and as I am the only user, I’d like to go around this but don’t know how. Please advice.