control itunes on multiple computers at the same time

I understand how to control 1 remote computer, but how would i do multiple computers?

I could just

tell application “iTunes” of machine “eppc:// IP ADDRESS 1”
stuff to do
end tell

tell application “iTunes” of machine “eppc:// IP ADDRESS 2”
stuff to do
end tell

however, this would cause the playtimes to be different if i was wanting to sync the systems, especially if some of the code took some time before moving on… Ideas?


I seriously doubt that you’ll be able to sync iTunes that way on various Macs. What you really need, it sounds like, is a way to stream your music from one machine to the other machines or a stereo. This is what Airport Express is for, you might check it out.

Good Luck!

Both systems are playing the exact same files located on a separate xServe RAID 5 array, so if one playback system dies, the music can keep going. Thus i can’t just stream to some airport expresses, which i do in my house (i have quite a few of them). Another way to achieve this, though less of what i want, is to send SSH commands though ARD to both playback systems and will achieve the same results.

I did figure out that if you are on a wired network (preferably Gb) and send the play command to both systems, as in my first post, that they play almost at the same time – i’d say around 50ms - 150ms, which is plenty fine. On a 100Mb network, it’s around 100ms - 300ms.