Controlling a Apple Script

ok guys i have no idea what just happened but it seems my post was removed and account deleted :S, ill repost but please tell me whats wrong with asking for help :S

Hey guys how would i go about making 2 seprate scripts to control this alarm script that im modyifing

what i would like is 2 scripts 1 to enable the alarm and 1 to disable the alarm, i would like it so the main script application can sit there idling and waiting until a script to activate the alarm

PS. how do i remove a dock icon from the main script


Your post is kind of vague. Why are you using two scripts? How are you using two scripts? What kind of scripts are they? … I forgot what you wanted to do. You probably don’t need two scripts I say.


ok well ill try to explain,

Im building a movment alarm for ibooks and powerbooks ( what i would like is a way so the alarm its self runs in the backround and then have another script activate or disable it, this way i can hook it up to things like salling clicker

PS. i also just wondered how do i add a dock menu or a simple menu up top which has enable and disable in them,

so when enable is selected it will set a variable to 1 or something

and the opisote when disable is used