Controlling attachment of a sent mail


I am using the Mac OS X Server 10.3.5…and in it the Mail service…i need to know if its possible to create a script that checks when a mail is sent if it has an attachment with it and if i can prevent attachment or limit there size…!!

I am working on this issue …but i need an expert help on this…!! So thx a lot anyways!!


What mail server are you running (if its postfix) there will be a setting for this in a file someware in the etc folder.

no need for an applescript here.

I am Using the mail service of Mac OS X Server and in it i am relaying the SMTP to the quickmail server which is on a different machine.



How can i setup my Postfix settings in order to be able to control the size of sent mails and attachment sizes!!

I really need some help here guys…at least if it cannot be done or if its a very complex issue…let me know so i can answer my boss…