Controlling Logic Pro X tempo

Hi all,

I am trying to control the tempo of Logic Pro X. There is already a way of doing this via MIDI, but it only allows integer control. I would like to have a couple of decimal places, ideally.

The control appears as a slider in UI Browser and I can read the value OK. When I try to set the value though, it increments/decrements by one in the direction of the desired value until it is reached.

For instance, if the tempo was at 100 and I wanted 90, I would have to run the “set value of … to 90.0000” 10 times. Not too ideal. AXIncrement/AXDecrement result in whole number increases and decreases.

When using the mouse to change the tempo, you can either enter text, or drag up and down on any of the decimal places to change (see linked image). It doesn’t look like a “normal” slider.

The other four controls to the left of the tempo value behave in a similar way, but they appear as a “scrubber group” of either four or five sliders - more like what one would expect. The tempo control is just a slider though, with no child elements.

Is there any way of directly setting this type of control properly?

Thank you!