controlling mac by voice

Is there any way to control XBMC (xbox media center) by voice using applescript, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure what you mean.

Do you want the computer to talk vocally to your XBMC? if so then it’s just a simple:

say "type what you want to say here"

That’s not what he meant.

He’s talking about XBMC, the media center application which was originaly made to run on the xbox. However they discontinued suppot for xbmc and it now runs on multiple systems. What you actually mean is when you say Pause that the xbmc will pause the video. Well yes, you can make this but it won’t work really wel… Hopefully when apple brings siri to the make (and makes it scriptable) it will be better.

If there are keyboard shortcuts in the app then you can use System Events to simulate key strokes.

Since the old Mac OS the Mac can be controlled by voice, so siri is already in here. I don’t think you should even consider using AppleScript. All the key commands of an application can be controlled by voice, you only need to define them by hand. Why explaining when there is an great tutorial written by macworld

Thank you all for your help, I will play around with it for a little while and get back to you guys on how it worked out.