Controlling net view with applescript?

Is it possible to control html/net views via applescript? For example, a window that just loads an html file for an about screen or something.


There are lot’s of posts regarding this. Try searching for “webview” on the search page.


The last time I used a web view, I used something like this:

call method "URLWithString:" of class "NSURL" with parameter ("Your URL")
call method "requestWithURL:" of class "NSURLRequest" with parameter (result)
call method "loadRequest:" of (call method "mainFrame" of object (view 1 of window 1)) with parameter result

However, if you really are just using this for an About panel, then you can include a “Credits” file in either Rich Text Format (Credits.rtf or Credits.rtfd) or HTML (Credits.html) in your Resources folder, and the standard about panel will add it in automatically.