Convert Applescript to Javascript

Does anyone have any ideas or places I could go to have an applescript converted to javascript?

The script works with Photoshop and Excel. Uses a current Excel document and matches columns to smart object files in a current Photoshop document, turns on appropriate layers in each smart object file, and then saves out files…

I have the applescript working but would like to make a javascript version…
I’ll wait to paste the code in…


Zetta Graphics
does Javascript automation for Adobe apps. Applescript is such a readable language, I imagine it would not be hard for them to translate it, even if they don’t write Applescript. So if you’re looking to hire someone, that’s one place you might try.

I know Office used to use VB for automation. It has Javascript automation now, but I don’t know if it allows you to do everything you might be doing in Applescript.

Also, it’s my impression that tying together multiple applications with Javascript is much more difficult than using Applescript. Applescript was written with the express purpose of tying together the automation of separate applications for workflows. I know on a Mac when writing Photoshop scripts, an Applescript is it’s own application and has no problem doing whatever you want it to do outside of Photoshop, but a Javascript runs under the Photoshop process and can be subject to sandboxing and other limitations. I don’t know that if you had two programs that both allow Javascript automation that you can make a single script that controls both. But I’m no expert in that - I’m just suggesting that you look into it.

Thank you very much. I appreciate the help.