Convert Decimals to Fractions in Adobe InDesign

I’m trying to find a way to convert decimals to fractions automatically within a document. We pull in a page of information for a publication that has decimals which must be converted to fractions. Is there a way of doing this with a script? Thanks for anyone’s help! :slight_smile:

Here’s one I wrote a while ago that does something similar; I think the key math is in there. I bet it can be done much more efficiently, but here ya go. You’ll need to change it to return something using my variable outputText (mine returns a decimal adjusted to the nearest 1/32, i.e. .06 returns .0625, etc.):

roundFractionalInch(text returned of (display dialog "" default answer ""))

on roundFractionalInch(givenNum)
	set givenInteger to givenNum div 1
	set givenFraction to givenNum mod 1
	set denominator to 32
	set numerator to round (givenFraction * denominator)
	set nearestFraction to numerator / denominator
	if (nearestFraction ≠ givenFraction) then
		repeat 5 times --cut it evenly in half as many times as you can:
			if numerator div 2 ≠ numerator / 2 then exit repeat
			set numerator to (numerator / 2) as integer
			set denominator to denominator div 2
		end repeat
	end if
	set outputText to ""
	if givenInteger > 0 then set outputText to (givenInteger as text)
	if givenInteger > 0 and numerator > 0 then set outputText to (givenInteger as text) & " and "
	if numerator > 0 then set outputText to outputText & numerator & "/" & denominator
	if givenNum as real ≠ (givenInteger + nearestFraction) then
		display dialog "The value is " & givenNum & "\"." & return & "Shall we adjust that”perhaps to " & outputText & ¬
			"\"?" default answer (givenInteger + nearestFraction) buttons {"Don't Adjust", "Adjust"} default button 2
		if button returned of the result is "Adjust" then
			return text returned of the result
			return givenNum
		end if
		return givenNum
	end if
end roundFractionalInch