Convert folders of JPEGs to single PDFs


I should start with saying that I googled the last few hours and found a lot of Scripts, Applications and Automator actions to convert images to PDFs. BUT: Nothing that works like I imagine and most Automator actions are outdated and won’t run on Snow Leopard.

I am aware that it is fairly trivial on Mac OS X to make a folder of images into a PDF. My problem is more, that I often have a lot of folders and would like to automate the PDF conversion. :smiley:

What I imagine is something like this:

Folder with JPEGs gets dropped on script/app (or has a context menu option) that converts all JPEGs inside (e.g. named 00.jpg … 99.jpg) into a single PDF, names the PDF the same as the folder and puts the PDF in the parent folder. After that one only would have to check the PDFs and could trash the original folders.

Even cooler: starting with a folder with many folders inside, each with JPEGs inside and the script producing single PDFs for each folder …

All solutions I found so far (Preview, scripts, Acrobat Pro) only take one folder with images at a time and ask me to name the PDF or give it some random name or name the PDF after the first image.

I can’t be the first who wants to do something like this? Anyone seen something like this?

Browser: Safari 534.50
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Hi Udo and welcome on Macscripter!

I’m not a fan of Automator, but try to create a new service. Its easy and simple.

get pictures from any application
New pdf from pictures (Preview)
Rename (Finder), use numbering

this is valid for one folder.

Hi, thanks for the answer. Of course I already tried Automator. I made an app where I could drop files on, which then got converted to a PDF. I couldn’t figure out how to tell Automator to name the resulting PDF after the files parent folder, or to store the PDF in the same location as the parent folder. And I have to repeat that for every single image folder. That’s not more automatic than using Acrobat Pro.