convert mp4 to mkv

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out a way to make an automation to tell finder to open up and look for a mp4 and save a temp mkv file and convert it with mkvmerge. I have a working bash script but would like it do be more guy friendly.


function convert {
/opt/local/bin/mkvmerge -o “$1” “–priority” “highest” “–forced-track” “1:no” “–aac-is-sbr” “2:1” “–forced-track” “2:no” “-a” “2” “-d” “1” “-S” “-T” “–no-global-tags” “–no-chapters” “$2” “–track-order” “0:1,0:2”;

mkvmerge -o Dual\ Survival.mkv “–priority” “highest” “–forced-track” “1:no” “–aac-is-sbr” “2:1” “–forced-track” “2:no” “-a” “2” “-d” “1” “-S” “-T” “–no-global-tags” “–no-chapters” “Dual Survival - Out of the Clouds.mp4” “–track-order” “0:1,0:2”

any ideas would be awesome, I would be willing to donate to someone if they helped me out.