Convert path item RGB to CMYK


It has to be very simple, but I cannot find the answer. How can I convert a RGB-path item to CMYK?

Hope you know the answer

eric, you don’t say what program you are using. Im not an ID user yet so im unsure if this is a term for that app too. For now i’ll guess your talking about illustrator if this is the case the color space is a property of the document and is r/o as far as i know you may have to use some UI scripting to change this and all colors in the swatches will be converted. If you could be more specific you may get replys from people with more working knowledge of scripting both of these apps.

Hi Mark,

I use Illustrator 10. I know that a property of an Illustrator document is the color sprace. Illustrator has a filter that can convert a selected path item in RGB to CMYK. The only problem is I don’t know what code I has to use by Applescript.

Hope you can help me.


Hi eric
try something like this:

make new document with properties {color space: CMYK}