Convert Quark 5 to Quark 4

Does anyone know of a script that converts a Quark 5 file to a Quark 4 file?

I have a bunch of Quark 5.0 files that I need coverted to Quark 4.0 and it would take forever if I did it manually.


Can’t remember which option works, but you will find both in the script below. This one works for Quark 6 / OS X


set diskName to ""

tell application "Finder"
	set diskName to name of startup disk as string
end tell

set thePath to (diskName & ":" & "Desktop folder:")
tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	set quarkFile to (choose file with prompt ¬
		"Choose the Quark Doc." of type {"XDOC", "XPRJ"})
	open quarkFile
	set Thispath to (thePath & "test_4")
	save document 1 in Thispath version vers 50
	--save document 1 version 40 in Thispath 
	close document 1
end tell