convert to pcx

I have lots of spall single Page PDF.s that I need to convert to 300 dpi .pcx
I can open them in photoshop and convert manually but I was hoping that I could script this process, there are 15000 of them (don’t ask).
I tried setting an action up in photshop but not knowing this program that well I failed. Any ideas anyone.
The file names would be the same as the output file. but with .pcx on the end.
Rick Kenny

I have lots of spall single Page PDF.s that I need to convert to 300 dpi .pcx

  • This sounds like a job for: unScripted!
    Check out the most recent article at:
    This outlines exactly how to do what you’re asking using Photoshop actions and AppleScript.
    One issue you may run into, however, is the rasterization dialog which PS will throw up when opening a PDF file. I’m in need of a script which saves PDFs as JPEGS and this is my obstacle as well.
    Save for PhotoScripter, does anyone know how to get a script to click through this dialog?

TJ (and Rick K), this is quite doable in Photoshop Batch Actions alone - try recording an action that opens a vector or PDF image, does the conversion and saves, while manually clicking thru the dialog you describe, then use that action to batch convert…
You can batch convert such files this way without seeing the rasterization dialog… :slight_smile:
I can send you (and Rick K) a sample Action if you wish…
Dave L

I managed to do it but it was hit and miss at first,
I still kept getting the dialogs
Please send your example
Rick K