convert videos via hot-folder + adding to itunes

Hi @ all

a couple of days ago a thought came to my mind:

It should be possible to combine a folder action with converting a video from one format to another plus adding it to iTunes afterwards.

Meaning, whenever I move a bunch of avi-files to a certain folder, my beloved Mac would automatically start to convert those files to some mp4-format which could be played on a touch or iPhone. Of course it would be just sweet as heck if those converted video could be automatically added to the iTunes-Library.

In this way you had one of the most convinient solution for adding any video smothly to the touch/iPhone.

Since Quicktime and iTunes should be scriptable, this dreamy dream of mine should be able to become reality, don’t you think?

All I miss is the AS-know-how to realise that idea.

It would be great if someone with the knowledge requiered for such a thing could find a way to manage that.

All the best