Converting a Quark Script to Indesign CS2

Okay, I had once created a nifty script for use in my magazine’s formatting. It involves taking strings of capital letters and changing their character style sheet so that they were slightly smaller (90% of the actual text point size of the rest of the paragraph). The script had several parameters: there was a paragraph style sheet list that had to be referred to; the script had could identify the font used and decide (based on the font) which character style subscript to apply; and it made sure not to convert capitals that stood alone, only multiples, such as MB or DVD.

I decided that the simplest method would be to take the existing script (which was created for Quark 4.1 in OS9.2) and simply save it in OS X and run it and work out the bugs. My first bug seems to be for this line:

set StyleVar to name of paragraph style of paragraph ParaVar

I keep getting the error “can’t get name of paragraph style of paragraph 1 of text frame 1”

I am assuming the problem is in the use of the word “name.” Anyone have any suggestions?

Quark Xpress and InDesign are different programs and each has it’s own AS implementation.

Since you asked for suggestions, I would start by taking a look at InDesign’s dictionary and any sample scripts that Adobe has available.