Converting Claris Works to PDF script

Greetings, I am on 10.6 and about to move to 10.8. CW will not work on 10.8 and I have a lot of legacy stuff that I would like to keep.

I wonder if anybody knows of a script that will convert CW documents to PDF.

Any help appreciated.

Model: MBP
Browser: Safari 534.59.8
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

It’s quick and dirty, but this should get you started.


on open these_items
	repeat with this_item in these_items
		set this_item to this_item as alias
		tell application "AppleWorks 6"
			open this_item
			tell application "System Events"
				tell process "AppleWorks 6"
					keystroke "p" using command down
					delay 1
					click menu button "PDF" of window "Print"
					click menu item "Save as PDF."
					keystroke "d" using command down
					keystroke return
					delay 1
					keystroke "w" using command down
				end tell
			end tell
		end tell
	end repeat
end open

cool thanks a lot