Converting MAC Screensavers to QT Movies

I am looking to create a script that will allow me to convert a folder of images used for the Pictures Screensaver on OS X into a QuickTime movie. I basically want the QT movie to contain all of the photos with transitions and the pan and scan movement generated within the screensaver. My goal is to be able to take these screensaver generated QT movies and add titles and audio and convert into iDVD or something like that. So I would need the ability to choose the file output size for the desitnation QT movie.

Does anyone have any tips or no of something that already accomplishes this?



QT in and of itself doesn’t support the transitions and pan & scans that the screen saver does. The app SaverLab allows you to save the screen saver as a QT file. From there you can add your subtitles in iMovie or something but scripting it will require GUI scripting, I believe, where you get all the names of the images in the screen saver folder and then look at the timing used for the display then use GUI scripting to make subtitles spaced appropriately using the file name. Was that clear?


On further thought, if you use SaverLab to create a movie of your screensaver, then open that in QuickTime Player and run the script below to get some quick and dirty subtitles of the file names. Be sure to modify the script to the folder you actually used for the sceensaver and to amend the file types if you have some other file types you want to include. This script strips the extensions off of the file names but you can modify the last value of the get_folder_list call to false to include them. This script is not very smart and simply looks at the total time of the movie and divides that by the number of files it finds. Assuming the screensaver displays each file for the same amount of time, this should work.

QuickTime is very scriptable (and may well actually be able to do the pan and scan and transitions that screensaver does) but I haven’t delved into it that much. I’m sure there is a much better way create nice anti-aliased labels that float on top of the movie with your choice of location, size, color, font, etc. Anyone want to tackle this in AppleScript Studio? Maybe someone already has.


Thank you for the great advice. However, I think I need to clarify my original post.

I intend to add titles and music is something like Final Cut Pro. So all I need is a file generated from the photos with the animation pan and scan added to them automatically. Basiclly I want an automated Ken Burn’s effect applied at random to each photo, plus a simple cross fade between photos.

Ther rest of hte processing would take place in FCP. However, this does require a fairly large file in native NTSC-DV format. So if I could choose my exported movie settings when the script is invoked that would be awesome in case I have to change things for the output file.

I looked at SaverLab but man is it slow. It has to run the screensvaer which already uses a lot of processing power and then write it to disk at the same time. I let it run for about 2 minites and and only got about 10 seconds of complete movie. There has to be a better way.

I appreciate any more input anyone has on this topic.