converting string back to variable reference?

Pardon my ignorance, but is there a way to use a text string as a reference to a named Global variable? For instance, if I have a variable named FooBar, and a value contained in an other variable (let’s call it NameHolder) that equals “FooBar”, is there a way to copy a new value into the original variable by referencing NameHolder?

Am I making sense, here?

In JavaScript (I think) I would just use:


Thanks in Advance…

set theString to "Wow"
set theStringReference to a reference to theString -- THIS

-- Testings:

text of theStringReference --> "Wow"
contents of theStringReference --> "Wow"
theStringReference --> theString
-- Unicode text of theStringReference --> ERROR
theStringReference as string --> "Wow"
theStringReference as Unicode text --> "Wow"
theStringReference as text --> "Wow"
theStringReference as list --> {"Wow"}
-- theStringReference as constant --> ERROR
theStringReference as any --> "Wow"
theStringReference as reference --> theString