Converting Word to pdf

I’d like to be able to convert Word files to pdf format.

I’ve been experimenting with the Convert to PDF script, and have been able to extend its usefulness by adding to the property extension list so that the script will also work for other file types. I added “png” “tif” and “txt” successfully.

However, I can’t find out how to include the Word file type, and also would welcome help/advice.

What needs adding to the property type list? And/or to the property extension list? The current property type list includes “TEXT”, but presumably this is plain text only and it can’t handle Word.

I’ve searched the 526-page Word 2004 Applescript Reference - and it makes no mention of pdfs at all, as far as I can determine.

Model: iMac G5
Browser: Safari 417.8
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)