Cool lil app i made :]

Hey, heres a lil program i made called iMacro, it does a couple things like, search google, go to certain websites and has some itunes options and alot of other stuff.
here it is

Pretty cool, I like it. The idea of it is great how you have a bunch of handy tools on different tabs, but now you have me thinking about customizing one of those for myself.

Note: in quick testing of your app I found a couple errors. First, since I don’t normally have firefox open, in your web tab when I click “hide” or “show” buttons I get an error because the firefox process isn’t running. You should either stick a try block around your code to ignore those errors or test for the process first with “if exists process ‘FireFox’” or something like that. The other error I found was under music. I started looking through my music and then cancelled at one point and got an error. One other comment, when using your program to look through and play my music I’d rather iTunes not come to the front… otherwise why would I use your program when I could just use itunes? As such my suggestion would be to not bring itunes to the front during this time so that I can continue working on whatever I was doing when I decided to play some music.

Anyway, thanks.