Copy Address Book entry into Entourage 2008 as new contact

Hi there

I am hoping there is a simple script to do what I want but I have not seen on.

I occasionally move a contact from my Apple Address Book to my Entourage 2008 contacts. At the moment, I do this by dragging the particular contact from Address Book to the desktop, then dragging the resultant vcf card to the Entourage icon in the dock.

Is there any way of scripting this to simplify matters?

Thanks for any suggestions. I don’t really know where to start.


Thanks very much, Jacques

I could not get it to work until I removed the text “at address book 1”. Then it was fine.
Except that the address does not come over - just emails and telephone numbers.

Now I just need to add the script to the contextual menu when you control click an address book entry. Is this possible?

Thank you for your help

Jacques. Brilliant! What more can can I say?

Thanks ever so much